2017 TERM


All our students are entitled to a free membership to our Cultural Centre for one year, which comprises a French library, a cinema, and a café-restaurant.

The Institut français presents each year a broad range of festivals, either organised by the Institut itself (Totally SerializedSouth Ken Kids FestivalIt's All About Piano) or by external curators and organisations (French Film Festival, London Film Festival, Spanish Film Festival, Italian Film Festival, etc.)

The Institut is also active on the music scene, with its annual festival celebrating all aspects of piano (It's All About Piano) and programme of live opera broadcasts.

The multimedia libraryLa Médiathèque holds the largest free-access collection of French material in the UK, covering all aspects of French culture and society. 

Visitors can access about 50,000 items ranging from novels, comic books to feature films and magazines. Its digital platformCulturethèque allows audiences across the UK to access an extensive digital library with over 25 000 documents, completely free of charge.

Make the most of it and enjoy your learning experience today!