2. Our Values

At the Institut we learn by doing...
The Institut français is the official French Government Centre of Language and Culture in London and has been a specialist teaching centre of French as a foreign language since 1910! Every year, 7000 students choose to study French with our team of 80 instructors, all of whom are native French speakers and qualified teachers.
To help you learn and to meet your expectations, we would like to share 5 essential values that will help you learn French with pleasure and efficiency.

1. Learning: Experiences, knowledge and opinions will be shared though an actional approach. These active interactions will enable the student to develop their vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation whilst also experiencing French culture. 

2. Teaching: The class provides the student with a social space in which he/she is an actor of his/her learning. In our classes all the students have the same level, which means they progress at a similar pace and share the same learning conditions. Moreover our levels correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). All our teachers are qualified French native speakers and follow in-house training.


3. Choice: We offer a wide range of courses to meet your expectations, whether you need to learn French for business or to be able to speak with friends or family. We offer courses for everyone, whether you are a complete beginner or you just need some remedial tuition. Furthermore, from the very beginning, your level is checked by a one-to-one assessment test that enables us to determine your exact level and gives you the best teaching possible.


4. Up-to-date material: The objectives and methods used within these books make them part of the CEFR. Each level within the programme will prepare the student for a CEFR level and DELF/DALF French diplomas

5. Immersion: From the start of the course the student is competely immersed in a French-speaking environnement. During the class, teachers and students will use only French. In addition, on enrolment you have free access to the Médiathèque of the Institut français at 17 Queensberry Place, around the block from the language centre.

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